Heart-broken Chinese widower, 70, receives long-awaited s3x doll that is modelled after his LATE WIFE

A lonely Chinese widower received a long-awaited gift this week - a customised s3x doll modelled after his late wife, according to Chinese media.
The 70-year-old man, known as Zhang Wenliang (not his real name), was left heart-broken when his partner of 40 years died of cancer in 2015.
After receiving the silicone doll on Tuesday, an excited Mr Zhang put his late wife's clothes on it and said 'I feel like seeing her again when she was young'.

According to People's Daily Online, Zhang Wenliang, who lives in the Chinese city of Chongzhou, said 'I am satisfied with the looks of the doll, especially the facial features'.
However, the retired doctor also mentioned he was not 'too sure about its skin colour'.
As Mr Zhang slowly dressed up the doll, he told the reporter: 'The winter is coming. She can not catch cold.'

Pictures taken in Mr Zhang's home have been widely shared by Chinese media, including ifeng.com and china.com.

The images show the man carefully re-arranging the doll's hair and relaxing alongside it in the sitting room.
Mr Zhang and his late wife married for about 40 years and did not have any children.

He dressed up the doll like his late wife and talked to it (pictured) daily to cope with his sorrow
This is the second s3x doll the widower has owned after his wife passed away in August, 2015.
A month after her death, the man spent 16,000 Yuan (£1,901) - around seven times the average monthly pension in China - purchasing a sex doll to fill the void left by his late partner.
The doll was reportedly capable of making sounds and it could be temperature controlled.

However, the man was left devastated again when the s3x doll broke with in a year. Feeling angry, Mr Zhang had threatened to sue the manufacturer.
Around the same time, Exdoll, another s3x doll manufacturer, offered to customise a figure for Mr Zhang for free after reading his story on the Chinese media.
Mr Yang, who is the business director of Exdoll, told MailOnline: 'We were moved by Mr Yang's love and devotion to his late wife, so we decided to give him a gift.'
The 5ft 3in doll is based on the looks of Mr Zhang's late wife when she was about 40 years old.
Mr Yang said Mr Zhang had sent them some pictures of the woman to refer to. He added that she looked like a 'gentle' woman in the pictures.

It took the manufacturer, based in Dalian in north-east China, around a month to make the doll before having it delivered to the man's home in south-west China on November 8.

Feeling angry, Mr Zhang had threatened to sue the seller over the quality of the doll (pictured)
Mr Zhang's decision to fashion a s3x doll after his late wife has sparked an outcry in China, with many people feeling shocked by his behaviour.

Zhang Xiaoqiong, a psychologist from Chengdu, described Mr Zhang's mental state as 'stable' after a free consultation with him in August.
Ms Zhang told Chengdu.cn that 'his looks, mental state and way of acting showed that his recognition, behaviour and the ability to adapt to the society were very normal'.
Ms Zhang added: 'He had spent 40 years living with his wife. He was used to couple life. When his wife suddenly passed away, his life lost balance, so he chose to use the object to fill the void.
'If he did not have a replacement like this, it would not be good for him in terms of the release of negative emotion.'

Another s3x doll seller offered to give the man a new doll after his first one (pictured) broke
Mr Yang, from Exdoll, said the Chinese market is yet to fully accept the concept of s3x dolls.
He explained: 'My company produces around 5,000 s3x dolls every year and many of them are exported to Europe, Japan and Australia.
'However, in China the market is still opening up.'
When Exdoll first started business in 2012, they had customers from big Chinese cities and in southern part of China where people were more open minded, according to Mr Yang.
In recent years, rich businessmen from smaller cities have grown to accept the concept, he added.
Mr Yang hoped that Mr Zhang's story could prompt the country to view sex dolls with a more accepting attitude.

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