Graphic images of the killings in Zaki Biam,Benue State,earlier today. (Warning ! pictures are graphic)

Graphic images of the killings in Zaki Biam earlier today. ...

UK  reports That it started around 2pm this afternoon. About 12 bajaj and  4 Toyota cars popularly called duck yash came around the yam market area and started shooting. sporadically,a fuel station was also burnt. It's really a bloody evening in Zaki Biam.


  1. What could possibly be the cause of such brutality????😭😭😭

  2. Ku Ka nyi mbia kwagh nee? Aondo wam.

  3. Then tell our people to fight back. Let them react since the government are not doing anything.
    Their brother Buhari is back and they have started again.


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