"A serving Commissioner is posting pictures with his family in Chicago at a time Benue workers are angry and salaries are not paid" - BSU student writes open letter to Gov Ortom.

Why are you allowing your Commissioners to undermine you even when you in control. Before I continue with what I have to say let me acknowledge your efforts in making sure BSU reopen even without the efforts of the person I want to talk about. Your Excellency I want to thank you for your efforts in ending the three months strike. I want to say there is no victor, no vanguish. Benue has won. Congratulations for your efforts so far and may you try to surmount other challenges. 

Your Excellency Sir, while the issue of strike was ongoing and deliberations were on some of your Commissioners were out of the country. Of course there is nothing wrong for anyone to travel abroad for whatever reason. For example, your vacation is constitutional and was communicated to Benue people by your media handlers. 

My focus here is on the Commissioner of Education Prof. Dennis Ityavyar. This man has rubbish your government in public by posting his pictures on social media with his family celebrating in Chicago. How will a serving Commissioner be posting such photos at a time Benue workers are angry and salaries are not paid. 

In journalism, you keep certain things silent except you have something you want to achieve. As a student, the moment I saw this, it became clear to me that he is only interested in his family and expanding his estate. Can you imagine a man whose ministry has not done anything to show that he has added value to your government is busy spending tax payers money abroad. Outside the 700 plus schools renovated and constructed by SUBEB, I challenge Professor to show Benue people what he has done for two years.
This is not blackmail at all how can he adopt the style of taking personal decisions against the state. The decision of scraping MOCK and delaying BECE were taken right in his hotel room with his girlfriend. He canceled MOCK without consulting stakeholders which involves parents and proprietors. Your Excellency this man has not done anything to transform the ministry he has been assigned. But building houses in Jos and transferring dollars to his children abroad is not difficult.
This is the most arrogant and most unqualified Commissioner to be in charge of education even though he is a Professor. He has shown that he can't handle it. All he does is go to ritualist so that he can be close to the Governor and manipulate his ways. If you must keep this man, be rest assured that in Vandeikya, you will lose your votes and for four years education ministry will not change but he will build over 10 flats for rents. Come to our village, he is not on ground and would have allowed his work to speak for him but arrogance will not allow him. Ask him were he went to in one village to do?
Professor Ityavyar quickly moved to form a group in support of your 2019 to confirm to you that he is on your side but I bet you he is only interested in his stomach and family and business activities scattered around the country but anything for the state is zero. But if you are still bent on keeping this short man move him to Commerce so that he can head economic team that has not produced any results since he took over as Chairman.

Have a wonderful holiday and may Allah bring you back successful with your darling wife. Why don't you sack Ityavyar and hire a more competent person who will help Education Ministry. He is doing nothing but putting your administration in bad light when you are convincing the people that there's no money. With this show of wealth by him, it is clear that thr is too much money but people are just being treated like animals. You can ack you have the power.

Thank you Sir

Emberga Stella
BSU, student.

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