"Wait until you get to the reception venue where you can lie to the people about Salaries" - Catholic Priest stops Gov from addressing the church in Benue...

A Catholic priest from Gboko diocese in Benue state on Wednesday 27 December 2017 stopped the State Governor, Chief. Samuel Ortom from making a speech at the thanksgiving service to mark the 64th birthday of Senator George Akume at St Christopher's church Wannune,Tarka LG.
According to sources in Wannune, the Parish Priest , Reverend Father Ashwe, did not allow the Governor to make his speech on the issue of non payment of salaries in the State.

Fr Ashwe said, during service ,there was no way the governor would be allowed to talk.
Ashwe further explained to his people that the governor has failed to pay workers salaries thus causing hardship to workers in the State.

Akume had spoken at the thanksgiving mass and given the microphone to Ortom to make a speech about the situation of things in Benue but Rev Father Ashwe did not allow the governor make his remarks, asking him to wait until they got to the reception venue where he could lie to the people about salary issues and other matters as much as he wanted. Ashwe added that he would not allow Ortom to stand in God’s house to deceive the people again.

Although we are still trying to get the real facts,another Catholic priest from Benue,Rev Fr Solomon Mfa shared details of what happened at the thanksgiving after calling the priests in charge of the parish to confirm.


This morning I made a call to the Parish Priest and his assistant because what I read was disturbing considering our training, exposure and what we stand for.

His Side Of The Story
(1) Sen. Dr Akume did a Birthday Thanksgiving
(2) I was the one controlling the flow of events.

(3) I allowed only Akume to talk (even against the Diocesan Rule) because it was his birthday

(4) Akume spoke and asked permission of me to allow the Governor talk on salary issues since the preacher told Akume that his long silence over salary cries may even affect people's trust in him.

(5) I did not grant him (The Governor) and Akume hurriedly offered the Mic to the Governor.

(6) I only did the needful by stopping the Governor who said he fully understands the rule, but he came out because Akume called.

(7) I have no problem with the Governor and he knows it.

(8) When they started leaving Church before the Mass ended and saying very immature nasty things I only reminded them that salaries are not paid in the Church so they should go back to their offices and help they Governor do the needful.

The assistant Parish Priest confirmed Father's side of the story and said he is also said to have insulted the Governor, but he scripted his homily and followed it religiously.

I shall have the copy later in the day.

You may WISH to weigh the two sides of the story and pass judgment. Don't be in a haste.

Fr Solomon Mfa,

The Governor's media team has however denied any rift with the Catholic church.

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