Clone Wars: Kylie Jenner Steps Out With Big Sis Kimmy In Matchy-Matchy Yeezy ‘Fits

Kylie Jenner’s clearly been taking a page out of her older sisters’ books since she hit 8th grade. Now, it appears the new mama has finally taken her full Kardashian form and gone full Kimmy-Kakes in the process.

The 20-year-old was spotted hitting the streets with her 37-year-old big sis…looking more like her twin than her two-decades-younger baby sister.
Paps caught the sisters hopping out of a jeep to run some rich people errands in nearly identical Yeezy getups…highlighting just how much Kylie has morphed into the new-age Kim Kardashian in her budding adulthood.

Yes, they’re family, but with the age difference and Kylie’s drastic body changes…this resemblance is kind of crazy, yo!

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