Celebrating Princess Hetty Aondover Akaakar @50. PHOTOS

On Sunday, July 29 2018,Princess Hetty Akaakar clocked 50-years. She celebrated her birthday in style,class and glamour at New Castle Event center Makurdi after a thanksgiving at Holy Ghost Church Makurdi.

 To celebrate her new age Princess Akaakar's husband Chief JJ Akaakar Babajiro of Edeland,her children ,family and friends gathered at the event center to celebrate her.Also in attendance was  the CEO of Fabmimi Media Mimi Atedze.

Being the celebrant,Hetty  was radiating and glowing in all shades of Gold...It was an evening to remember as guests were treated to B5 music ,drama and other side attractions....See moments captured by JOHNSON OBEYA PHOTOGRAPHY.

Children giving accolades to their mum
Celebranys husband Chief JJ Akaakar

Host and Comedian Enenche Enenche

Celebrant and her sisters

House of Assembly Member Hon Addingi dancing with celebrant

CEO Fabmimi Media and her cousin Bernie Orahii

Celebrant flanked by Hon Tseagba,Sen.Jack Gyado,Chief Akaakar

Celebrant and QROGA 

Mrs Orya

Celebrant and her Sisters