Here's how to teach your man to give you an orgasm in 1 simple move

Some guys just don't know how to go down on you. And then there are others who insist on circles with their tongue. So, you need to teach your man the art of cunnilingus for the sake of womankind.

Below are ways to show a guy how to make you have an easy orgasm.

1. Tell him you wish you could give yourself oral sex

The idea of licking your own clitoris may give you the creeps, but he doesn’t have to know that. Possibilities are, he assumes the idea is hot – even if it’s impossible. Next time you’re in the mood for your guy to go down on you, tell him that you really wish you could do it yourself.  If he doesn’t ask outright for you to show him what you like down there, bring it up yourself.

2. Let him know when he’s got it right

When he starts going down on you, don’t just sit there quietly – if he’s rocking your world, let him know! If you say nothing, he’ll think he’s doing it completely wrong. When he does something right, moan loudly and shout his name.

3. Think of what will turn you on

Think of exactly what you might want, and then use your tongue to do it to your partner’s mouth. For example, if you love to have your clitoris flicked with the tip of a tongue, do so to his top lip. If you’d rather he insert his tongue into your vagina, lightly probe your tongue into his mouth. He may or may not pick up on this – but if he’s really paying attention, he will.

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