Nigerian man recounts how depression almost killed him after graduating from university

Nigerian man has taken to social media to share his depression story. According to the narrator, identified simply as @blck_rekky, he was so depressed at some point in his life that he contemplated suicide as he shared his story on Twitter.

The Twitter user said he lost hope after graduating with a Second class lower, and what made it worse, was the fact that his dad made a first class in Mathematics. According to him, to rub salt on injury, he was called back to school that he had failed a second semester course. Luckily, he says he wrote the exams over summers and passed.

That would have been good right? but no. He went from feeling he had let his parents down to researching simple ways to end his life – between when he graduated and was waiting for NYSC. He recounted he faked happiness before his whole family, and that he couldn’t talk to anyone.

How did he get out?

He said he started talking to God and also his best friend. He also said he stopped listening to melancholic songs and that was out he was able to overcome those dark days of his life.

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And for parents here; you all really need to take it easy with your kids. Putting them under pressure and comparing them with their peers. 
Grades in school can never determine their success in Life.

— ANGRY BIRD(@blvck_rekky) September 14, 2018

And just when I thought I had finished with University wahala. I got called back to rewrite a course (you know what it means to fail a course in 400L second semester). 
But then, thanks to Summer, I rewrote the course and graduated with my mates

— ANGRY BIRD(@blvck_rekky) September 14, 2018

Between graduation and waiting to get posted by NYSC the devil came visiting. I started feeling like I had not just let my parents down but even myself. The thoughts got worse and before I knew it; I was thinking about taking my life. 
I knew when and how I was gonna do it too.

— ANGRY BIRD(@blvck_rekky) September 14, 2018

I couldn't talk to anyone. Funny how I stayed with my siblings too, faked happiness and no one even knew I was passing through anything. I moved from weighing 72kg to 60kg in less than 4 months.

— ANGRY BIRD(@blvck_rekky) September 14, 2018

I also stopped listening to 'Enya' and 'Adele' too. What you feed your soul is very important when you're fighting depression..

— ANGRY BIRD(@blvck_rekky) September 14, 2018

It took sometime, but I'm here tweeting
PS: I'm turning 23 tomorrow. 15th September And I'm doing well for myself, I'm a Managing Director in the Navy
For those of you passing through anything, remember this. 
"You determine your own happiness".


— ANGRY BIRD(@blvck_rekky) September 14, 2018