Finance: Here's how much your State received from the Nigerian federation account in the last three quarters of 2018

In the last three quarters of 2018, state governments received the sum of N1.9 trillion out of 6.2 trillion disbursed by the Federation Account Allocation Committee (FAAC).

An analysis of the disbursement by Business Insider Sub-Saharan Africa shows the federal government received the highest sum of N2.6 trillion, followed by the state governments with N1.94 trillion and local government with N1.2 trillion.

According to the latest edition of the NEITI Quarterly Review using figures from the National Bureau of Statistic and the office of the Accountant-General, total disbursements to states ranged between N16.41 billion and N150.59 billion.

Within the period, Osun State received the lowest amount of N16.41 billion while Delta state received the highest disbursement of N150.59 billion.

In the same period, Lagos state recorded the highest deductions with N26.84 billion while Yobe State recorded the lowest at N1.12 billion.

Breakdown of how much the 36 states received from the federal allocation in 9 months covering January to September 2018:

Abia N40.62 billion

Adamawa N36.57 billion

Akwa Ibom N146.98 billion

Anambra N40.7 billion

Bauchi N39.17 billion

Bayelsa N112.9 billion

Benue N40.73 billion

Borno N46.48 billion

Cross River N26.94 billion

Delta N150.59 billion

Ebonyi N33.09 billion

Edo N50.54 billion

Ekiti N27.93 billion

Enugu N38.96 billion

Gombe N31.98 billion

Imo N39.34 billion

Jigawa N44.36 billion

Kaduna N50.69 billion

Kano N61.83 billion

Katsina N44.4 billion

Kebbi N40.1 billion

Kogi N39.11 billion

Kwara N32.91 billion

Lagos N90.01 billion

Nasarawa N34.97 billion

Niger N42.2 billion

Ogun N29.11 billion

Osun N16.41 billion

Oyo N43.46 billion

Plateau N32.09 billion

Rivers N126.65 billion

Sokoto N39.38 billion

Taraba N35.08 billion

Yobe N38.91 billion

Zamfara N29.35 billion

A further comparison of the state-by-state net disbursement shows a stark disparity in the amounts received. According to the monthly figure, the net disbursement received by Delta State in January 2018 alone sums up to the total net disbursements to Osun State from January to September 2018.