According to Olayemi , Eniola Badmus was given the sum of N500,000 to be shared among less less privileged, even after demanding a service charge of 150 thousand.

He alleged that Eniola blocked the Donor on social medial and refused to refused to refund the Money when requested to do so.

Eniola Badmus was given N500k to share N5k for 100 people in need during this coming national lockdown.

she charged for 150k for herself to enable her share the N500k

Even after the benefactor of the N500k , made her understand that he is not looking for any promotion or followers on his IG page but was just concerned about the condition of people and needed a famous face to help reach out to them.

The actress insisted on the 150k, the sender of the 500k requested his 500k be sent back as he did not have 150k extra to give her.

She blocked the sender, who reached out to the blogs to help him get his money back.

CREDIT: -Hon. Olayemi Idris