The yuletide, to many people extends to January, the beginning of the year filled with a lot of activities, from Christmas, one of the biggest Christian celebrations worldwide, music shows, comedy shows, carnival and sport activities. But of all these events, do you really get the most out of them? Maybe yes, maybe no.

“Another Loud January” is the next biggest event to be hosted in Makurdi, the capital city of Benue State. The make up of this event is not heard anywhere around here. Let’s quickly take a look at the breakdown of activities all in this single event.

1. The event is celebrating and hosting not more than 100 participants.

2. As a result of the number above, the event is strictly on invitation.

3. All participants will be given a debit card with a predefined virtual money which will be used up in the event.

Tickets involve:

1. Loud

2. Dukes

3. Kings

The event is also aimed at celebrating Benue icons in dedication to hard work.

The event is slated to hold on the 1st of January, 2020 at the New Castle Event Centre, Makurdi.

Time: 6PM

Dress code is strictly Ankara or a touch of Ankara.

Hurry up and get your invites !