Every year, January 15th is set aside as Armed Forces Remebrance Day. On this day, Nigeria’s fallen heroes are remembered for the commitment, bravery and gallant show of defending the territorial intergrity of the country;many have lost their lives in the process through wars, insecurity, Boko-Haram insurgency among others.

Recently, film maker put out a short film which depicts the story of fallen heroes, telling the narrative through the lens of Veteran actor, Segun Arinze and Ani Iyoho in lead roles.

In the short movie which aired on Channels Television as monitored by FabmimiBlog,Arinze plays an insurgent who together with his cohorts encounter some soldiers in the forest. The team lead of the soldiers as played by Iyoho bravely rescue two girls from the clutches of death and a gun battle ensued, killing most of his colleagues.

Though injured, he gets the girls to safety through the Nigerian Red Cross and goes back to confront the insurgents who shot him some couple of more times.

Holding on to life, he musters all his strength and fights back before reinforcement comes from the Nigerian Army, klling all the remaining insurgents. The soldier laid down his life and paid the supreme.

Joining Arinze and Iyoho are some equally talented cast who come in as supporting cast.

Gripping, intense, the short film clearly tells the story of fallen heroes who go to any length to protect Nigerians.

As they are remembered today, it is hoped that their sacrifices would continue to be appreciated