The theatre Commander of the Special Task Force in Maiduguri, Borno State codenamed “Operation Lafiya Dole” Maj. Gen. OG Adeniyi has said Boko Haram will be completely wiped out and finally defeated if the Nigerian Army is provided with combat helicopter logistics.

The Commander also appealed to the Federal government for the reintroduction of Army Aviation to enable them carryout their operations more effectively to give the desired results.

Maj. Gen. OG Adeniyi made the disclosure to while receiving Online Media Journalists/Media Influencer at the Headquarters of the Operation Lafiya Dole who were in his Office after they took a tour of Military operation areas in Bama LGA, Borno State to assess the efforts of the Military and the challenges being faced in their operations.

Maj. Gen. OG Adeniyi urged for strategic cooperation with the media personalities to win the war against the meaningless and heartless Boko Haram who he described as enemies of national unity, progress and development.

He underscored the Importance of the social media owing to its flexibility and wide reach.

Lt. Gen. Adeniyi spoke passionately and emotionally on the urgent need for air fighter helicopters in order to crush Boko Haram and bring the dreaded group to it knees.

He said having studied and understood the modus operandi of Boko Haram, they can defeated.

He said Boko Haram has now been strategically defeated and its strategic goal of establishing a political nation for itself has been technically defeated. He Spoke on the establishment of super camps 4 Months ago which are fully armed, more flexible and mobile to strengthen the fight against insurgency. He said less casualties on the Army side has been recorded with no community overran since the establishment of super camps.

He said his desire is not to fail but keep indelible and lasting legacies that will be sustained and built upon by his successors.

He said the army will contest some areas aggressively and violently with the insurgents.

He said they are going into offensive war with Boko Haram saying Boko Haram are in for more disastrous days in the future.

He said the difficulty in fighting insurgents is because they mix with civilians and carry out soft target attacks.

He spoke on the need for intelligence gathering and swiftness in the fight against insurgents which will take a little long time but was quick to say Boko Haram will never capture any community again.

He assured the team that if combat helicopters are provided to the Army considering the terrain where the insurgents are, Boko Haram will be history in Nigeria.

He assured the visiting team that he will not rest until the war against Boko Haram group finally surrender or crushed.

He concluded by calling on well meaning Nigerians to support them in the fight against the insecurity bedevilling the Country saying it is a fight for the survival of the Nigerian State and the people.

The team under the leadership of Brig. Gen. E. A. Oladeniyi earlier visited Bama a town once captured by Boko Haram which has now been recovered by the Nigeria Military. They were received by the Commander 21 Special Armoured Brigade Brig. Gen. ST Audu who gave vivid picture of what was/is obtainable in Bama Town which is the spiritual headquarters of the dreaded Boko Haram Group, the successes recorded so far and the challenges being faced by them

Brig. Gen. Audu narrated how they achieved the Restoration of peace and security in Bama Town.

He said Bama being the busiest road in the north east as it links Adamawa, Taraba and Cameroon, they conduct thorough search on vehicles and persons on account of security situation.

He displayed Confidence that Boko Haram can no longer penetrate Bama Town as they did in the past.

Brig. Gen. Audu said they are in Bama to secure, fortify and make the place safer and more habitable to inhabitants.

He charged journalist on clarification of information before publication. He charged the Media Team to publish the right information and always protect the integrity and image of the Nation.

Some of the team Members who spoke commended the Military for the their commitments, patriotism, doggedness and professionalism in fighting Boko Haram and urged them to put in more effort to completely bring Boko Haram violent attacks to an end. They also urged the Federal government and Nigerians to accord them the necessary supports in order to carryout their duties of protecting the nation’s territorial integrity against external aggression for national unity, cohesion, progress and peace.

The tour was an offshoot of seminar organized across the 6 geopolitical zones and Lagos State by the Nigerian Army Department of Civil Military Affairs.

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