As Christians in Nigeria mark the Ash Wednesday,The Parish priest of St Augustine Demekpe, Makurdi BENUE state Rev Fr Solomon Mfa , has given a sermon on the implication of Fasting, praying, forgiving and alms giving during lent .

Fr Mfa post his sermon on Facebook , below is the sermon.


For some of you especially the POOR, the HUNGRY, I command you NOT TO FAST…

Your lives have been lives of FASTING. You do not eat as Human beings should, namely, BREAKFAST, LUNCH and SUPPER. Some of you go 0.1.0 or 0.0.1 or 1.0.0. You have fasted more than 40days or 40 months!

Do not compound your health problems by refusing to eat in the name of fasting. God heals through doctors that he blessed with intellect and through food the he created. If you are sick eat and eat and eat until you are full…

The Rich I command you to FAST and experience what HUNGER IS and after this experience be moved to reach out to the hungry because of your experience. This is no time to store the food we have and go back FEASTING on it with the haves after the FAST.

We are not ALL materially rich so we cannot all FAST FROM FOOD, we are RICH IN SINS so we can “FAST” from committing sin and ask God for the grace to make the “fasting” our new habit.


We must pray more than ever since prayer is communicating with our Father, our Creator, our Redeemer, our sanctifier etc. Poor or no communication affects relationships. It is important that our PRAYERS MUST BE TRANSLATED INTO ACTION. If you ask God to “forgive you your trespasses as you FORGIVE OTHERS” you must go all out to FORGIVE OTHERS!


After putting hands together to PRAY like the PRAYING MANTIS, you must DISENGAGE the hands to reach out to the less or under privileged. Jesus PRAYED, but also FED THE HUNGRY! Pray never takes the place of CHARITY. Sometimes a PANADOL given to a sick brother is a PRAYER MORE POWERFUL THAN THE ROSARY. Do not deny a brother PANADOL because you a PRAYER WARRIOR. Even the Pope has the best doctors attending to him.


Forgive we MUST. To refuse to forgive is to destroy the bridge you may need TOMMOROW to crossover to ETERNAL LIFE. For we pray in the great prayer “OUR FATHER” that “Forgive us our trespasses AS WE FORGIVE THOSE WHO SIN AGAINST US”! We give God a condition. So when we Forgive we prepare a soft landing for ourselves for “if the Lord should mark our guilt, who would survive?” asked the Psalmist.

May the Lord bless his Words in our hearts!



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