Mercy Eke, has won the Big Brother Naija Pepper Dem Season, but not without some well implemented strategies which we are about to talk about and show you.

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It was a wonderful winning streak for Mercy and it didn’t come easy. A lot of effort went into it, a result of well calculated strategies.

No Strategy Mantra

Most members of the Pepper Dem Gang could, in the beginning of the show, be heard saying that they have no particular strategy. But, what we’ve seen throughout the season proved otherwise. Mercy, who ended up winning the Game, made strategic moves throughout her stay in the House.


If there was any charming stunt Mercy smartly pulled in the Game, it was her alliances with other Housemates. Her relationship with Diane which we won’t stop talking about, was so deep and sweet it peppered us. As for her relationship with Ike, that was a perfect example of love and this too got us talking for a long time.

Their fights to their lovey dovey moments and their Coin plans, we saw in the two, some nice relationship goals like no other.

Fashion Goals

When we talk of the most fashionable Housemate in the Pepper Dem Season, we can only point to Mercy. Her peppery outfit goals were consistent throughout the Show. She was the only Housemate who never repeated clothes till the end of the Show. Even Diane had a taste of her closet when we saw her with some of her outfits. Fans across the globe won’t stop talking about it. So will we.


Strategic Expressions

Mercy was so calculated in her steps that anytime she said anything, it usually hit the right spot. She knew when and what to talk. When she and Tacha got into a fight, Mercy knew when to shut up and what to say to get words out of you. She did that so well with the other Housemates too and trust us, it saved her a lot of trouble. We are sure many us of enjoyed her banter with Ike, especially after the Party.

Mercy came into Biggie’s House with the statement “I’m going to win the money” and with the right strategy, she actually did. As the first female to win the Game, her opening speech (or is it a prophesy?) came through. Talk about power of the tongue.

Relationship Goals

Of all the Pepper Dem Housemates, Mercy was smart in her relationship goals. The Icy pair yielded fruits as Ike spread his shoulder for Mercy to climb on to get to the finale. Remember his sacrificing his Coins so she could buy Immunity. It was a wonderful relationship.

From clinching to her great competitors to aligning with the strongest Housemates at the right time, it was clear she planned her steps all along. We know she did not like Frodd which was why she always Nominated him for Eviction. But she later became friends with him when he won the Ultimate VPH. Even in the finale, Mercy’s relationship with Mike became strengthened. She was always seen around him playing one prank or the other. No wonder she ended up winning the Game.