The Chief of Army Staff, Lt. General, Tukur Yusuf Buratai, has commissioned a new Nigerian Army Resource Centre New office complex which he described as a service think-tank saddled with the responsibility to proffer solutions to defence and security issues in the country. 

Buratai while commissioning the  new office complex on Tuesday in Abuja, said that the centre is a service think-tank with national and global outlook. 

He expressed optimism that the centre will fulfill its roles as provided by the provisional order of the Nigerian Army, and that it will achieve its desired objectives by which it was established.

“You have been told the history, the background of the army resource centre and where it is finally coming to perform its roles as provided by the provisional order of the Nigerian Army.

“It is gratifying to be here and to see the progress that has been made, not only in the physical structure but indeed in the academic intellectual exercise that has been carried out here in the resource centre.

“The collaboration of the resource center within very short time of its establishment  with both national and international institutions is highly commendable.

“The Nigerian Army Resource Centre is a service think-tank with national and global outlook. Therefore, we are very much confident that this centre will achieve the desired objectives by which is been established.

“It is a service think-tank which provides intellectual research, promotes workshops and seminars, provide solutions to Nigerian Army,” he said.

He pointed out that they have gone further to ensure that the Defence Headquarters, Navy and Army, among other services also approach the centre to access the needed services which the centre provides. 

He said that they are collaborating not only with national institutions that are in the country, universities, and other research centres, but that they are equally partnering, collaborating and carrying out joint researches on global topical issues.

“Among these key Institutions are the Kings college, London. We are also partnering and collaborating very closely with the United Services Institute of India.

“Recently we had a joint workshop and had a publication that is jointly produced by the centre and Institute of India, United Services Institute.

“The Harvard Kennedy School of United States, this is a well recognized Institute globally, just like the other Institutions.

“We are also working with the Royal United Services Institute, London, which we are working together to get all the necessary support as well as to carry out the research that are needed,” he said.

He appreciated President Buhari who first got the centre commissioned where it was started from the old building of the  Nigerian Army museum. 

The Nigerian Army Resource Centre is said to be a service think-tank with the soul aim of furthering the interest and knowledge of arts and literature of defence and security.

It is saddled with the responsibility of proffering solutions to defence and security issues bordering on national, regional and continental development. 

This it achieves through research, workshop, brainstorming sessions, capacity building programmes, journal publications, and a robust alliance with relevant Institutions and partners both within and outside the country. 

The centre is involved in publication of defence and security related journals, organizations of seminars and consultancy related services in various aspects of security related issues.

The centre also showcases new inventions, promotes interdisciplinary studies, and issues annual reports.

To achieve its mandates and function optimally, the.centre is structured into eight directorates, each headed by a Director and the consult which is headed by Executive Director, while the Director General is at the apex.

The centre is situated in a secure environment in the federal capital territory, Abuja. Strategically located about a 100 meters up Mambilla Barracks complex. It connects to the central district of Abuja metropolis. 

It offers a smooth ride to and from the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Air-Port. The office complex was commissioned on 29th June, 2016 by the President and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of the federal Republic of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari.