Water Resources Commissioner in Kogi State has been accused of brutalizing a lady for asking him for help on Facebook.

Facebook user, Alabi John Ozovehe who shared the story wrote:

I hope this meet you well? Even though we are all fighting the pandemic of Coronavirus, I’d like you to see what your Commisioner of Water Resources, Abdulmumin Danga allegedly did to a young lady for simply calling him out on Facebook.

The lady was not just inhumanly beating, she was forced to make a video of apology and contents covering her nudes taken, all in a bid to shut her up.

While not justifying the harsh tone employed by the lady, I think the pains inflicted on her is way bigger than the crime she committed.

If you truly care about the safety of lives and property of your people, then you should, and be seen to have, sanctioned him, if found wanting, for allocating to himself the powers that didn’t come with his office.

There seems to be more than meet the eye, hence I’m urging you to investigate this issues and apply sanctions where necessary. I’m equally using this opportunity to call on all well-meaning Kogites to wade in and give a voice to this voiceless lady.

God bless.

~ Alabi John Ozovehe