Operatives of the Inspector General of Police Special Intelligence Response Team, IRT, have arrested a fake Indian Spiritualist, Raphael Ekechi, alias Raghdra Anandra, who operates a fake Hindu Ancient Monk Temple in Alagbado, Lagos State.

Ekechi’s victims were people seeking powers for protection, progress in business, securing of contracts, do-as-i-say, winning betting games, dating rich men, getting successful marriages, winning elections and powers to perform miracles.

Most of the victims were given forms to fill after which they would be made to pay the sum of N7.700 as registration, they will then relate their spiritual needs or problems to him and he would ask them to pay certain amount of money for solution to their problems.

Several of Ekechi’s victims have lost millions to him in their quest to secure spiritual help or powers from him and he has always threatened his victims with death whenever they requested a refund of their money.

He was however said to have run into trouble recently when one of his victims Emmanuel Ekpe, whom he defrauded of the sum of N167,000, alerted the Inspector General of Police.

The sum of $3,700, which was suspected to be fake, was recovered from his temple. Other items recovered included consultation forms, statue of Shiva, which he claimed was his master general, Hindu goddess frame, fake International Metaphysical/ Mystic Science Certificate from the University of India, various religious books, prayer posters, pink and red robes and statue of his god.

According to the suspect: “I discovered that many Nigerians are gullible in their bid to get rich quick and I decided to use my brain instead of a gun to get what I wanted. I lied to all my clients or should I call them victims?