The CEO/Publisher of The Nigerian , Chief Philip Agbese has reiterated his commitment to promote institutions of state and personalities that align with the vision, focus and views towards defeating the scourge of terrorism in Nigeria. He stated this in a statement released to mark his Birthday in Abuja.

Agbese who is a UK trained lawyer and a Philanthropist assured Nigerians that his media outfit will not hesitate to deploy it’s reportage to service the informative needs of Nigerians on these pillars.

Read his statement below.


1. Today marks yet another milestone in my life; as I observe a divinely renewed chapter of existence, with a sparkling birthday anniversary. The Almighty God has through his infinite mercies and grace, generously added another year to the gift of a precious life. All over Nigeria and beyond, my family, friends, associates, and acquaintances are celebrating this unique day of my life.

2. What has absolutely disarmed me is the fondness, affection and joy this day has elicited among my compatriots, friends and associates. Those who cannot reach me personally, still cared to display overflowing love for me by feasting even in my absence, beseeching God with tender prayers for my sake. It climaxed in different locations with my fans excitedly popping champagne for this memorable day. I am grateful to all and May God continue to bless you!

3. But most overpoweringly, I wish to clutch on this special day of my birthday commemoration to commune and engage in mutual conversation or interaction with my charming Nigerian compatriots.

4. By providence and God’s blessings, I had the rare privilege of being part of the initial conception of the idea, philosophy and team of what is today the online digital publishing and broadcasting platform- TheNigerian News which since birthed rapidly-growing television station, Television Nigerian and much-fancied magazine, TheNigerian Tabloid. The Television Nigerian now also with a Web TV series streaming on virtually all social media platforms while tabloid has attracted admiration from all and sundry.

5. In the near five years of our existence and operations, I must thank Almighty God ceaselessly that we have broken all barriers, cogs and obstacles incidental to the formative years of publishing in Nigeria’s media industry.

6. The management, and other great brains and the entire editorial crew can confidently say, we have weathered the toughest storms in the media industry and survived it. And by the support/goodwill of our cherished readers, the beehive of clients and the generality Nigerians, the “The Nigerian Group” which is the umbrella company now floats two flourishing and competitive online and digital communication media.

7. The triplet platforms have offered Nigerians enticing professional platforms for robust citizenship journalism. And since 2016, when it was officially inaugurated in the United Kingdom, we have thrilled and satisfied the tastes of our heterogenous audience or fans through informative, educative, entertaining and stainless developmental journalism. We have never flinched from serving the Nigerian people (home and abroad) with the finest brand of journalism, which is accurate, fair, precise, timely, balanced or unbiased.

8. However, despite our conscious efforts and self-restraint never to neither deliberately step on toes nor dubiously bruise the business interests of our co-competitors, while in engaging in fair competition, there are noticeable attempts by some rivals to undermine our operations.

9. Astoundingly, one of our platforms, Television Nigerian has come under very severely and unjustified attacks by some dubious elements. These are people who have continued to lay claims to the Nigerian media space as their heritage, exclusive reserve and therefore, derive unfounded pleasure in personality besmirching or name-dropping.

10. Whatever adversaries have assigned to themselves to undermine our operations or progress, it is expected and no one is deterred, because the spirit to make the difference in citizenship journalism in service of our country is stronger and cannot be bowed by distractions. The greatest lesson life teaches us is that “live and let’s live.”

11. So, we have every grain of conviction that what we are doing is a pivotal service any true patriot would unstoppably render to his country in the current situation under the era of healing and regeneration. We are resolute on our support to this national agenda.

12. Whilst we hold no grudge against anybody over his perception of service to nationhood at stormy times as faced by our dear country, Nigeria now, people thinking it is possible to cajole or frustrate our progress may have focused on the wrong organization. We humbly and dutifully submit our irrevocable resistance to actions that run ultra vires to the operational doctrines of “The Nigerian Group” no matter its sweaty aroma.

13. For emphasis, “The Nigerian Group” is not perturbed nor disturbed about whatever opinion or standpoint anyone holds on our pan- Nigerian posture as a media house or organization. But we will not side with any individual or group of persons that hold contrary views against the collective existence and unity of Nigeria as one indivisible entity. We plead to differ and be so decrypted or respected on this score.

14. The Nigerian Group stands or defiantly identifies with the Federal Government of Nigeria (FGN), her traumatized people and the global community against every agent of darkness in the form of terrorists, extremists or insurgents and other ordained armed criminals tormenting Nigerians.

15. To this abiding, sacred vow, we are rather bolstered to continue to use our editorial contents to promote institutions of state and personalities that align with our vision, focus and views towards defeating the scourge of terrorism in Nigeria. We shall not hesitate to deploy our reportage to service the informative needs of Nigerians on these pillars.

16. We therefore make bold to unequivocally state that these disparaging plots will not deter us but further strengthen us to do more. It is now a settled matter that our little contributions have become a source of worry to these unpatriotic elements in the society. We retain our resounding deafness to them; but embrace the warm hearts, enduring and endearing support of every Nigerian; wherever he or she is domiciled who aligns with our operating creeds.

17. Finally, let me once again appreciate all Nigerians who are directly or vicariously the moving shadows and pillars of the Nigerian project in the #NextLevel. And by God’s special grace, our dream is to reach the destination of the promise land with your sustained and cherished collective support.

18. I salute every one of you for the birthday prayers and good wishes, as I also pray God Almighty to give you the grace to assimilate this birthday message from your humble and loyal compatriot. We shall always remain there for you. #


Comrade Philip Agbese,

Chief Executive Officer