Having spontaneous sex can be super fast and incredibly fun – it’s called a quickie.
Getting it on with a time limit can leave you and your partner flushed, stimulated and wanting more. Below are some great places to go when you want to get busy asap.
1. Neighbour’s pool
Sex in the water is super fun, and it can feel extra naughty when you get busy in your neighbour’s pool while they’re gone. If you like the idea of possibly getting caught, plan to do it when they’ve gone off to the store or are just running errands. If you definitely don’t want to get caught, choose a time that they’re staying somewhere for a day or two.
2. Getting jiggy on the bathroom floor
Having a quickie on the bathroom floor is great because it will make you feel sexy, dirty and a little raunchy! Even more so if you’re doing it at a friend’s house. Make sure the bathroom is clean though – either lay down a blanket of some kind or use standing sex positions.
3. In an empty bedroom at a friend’s party
If you’re at a party and are feeling a little tipsy, your inhibitions are definitely down. It’s a perfect time to take advantage of your need to feel a little risque, so grab your partner and head to an empty bedroom or closet at a friend’s party. If it’s a wild party, you can pretty much guarantee that there are other people all over the house doing the exact same thing.
4. On the staircase of a serviced apartment
This is probably one of the best places to get busy on the fly. It has everything you need – good seating, handrails if you get really wild. Most people take the elevator in apartments, so if you sneak into the stairways, you’re unlikely to get caught. It’s even less likely you’ll get caught if you pick a time where almost everyone is in bed.
5. In your car
Find an isolated place to park your car, but in a safe area, and have her climb on top of you. Even better: ask her not to wear underwear and sport a skirt to make it as easy as possible.
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