Following the outrage that has greeted the appointment of Festus Adebayo as the new spokesman for Senate President Ahmed Lawan, the appointee has spoken.

According to the new spokesman who made his point known while fielding questions from Journalists, he said he has never been a politician and didn’t lobby for the position.

He added that if the politicians feel that the appointment is their birthright then they can have it.

His words:

“I have never been a politician. But if the politicians feel that it is their birthright, they can have the appointment; it is not a do or die thing for me at all. If I go there, I’m going there to serve the country,” he said.

When asked if he has accepted the appointment, he said he is still consulting with his family.

“As I talk to you, I’m a student at the Law School and it is a certificate that I’ve sought to own all my life. So, for me to abandon it, is an issue that I’m still battling.

“I have never done anything in my life other than in the media. I have been a reporter, features editor, opinion editor. The only ‘affiliate’ thing I’ve done is be a media adviser to two governors and in those respect, I did my job as a journalist and a professional.”