Born on the 15th June 1967 in Ilorin Kwara State into the Oniyangi family.
AbdulAzeez is an experienced Chief Executive Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the airlines/aviation industry. Strong business development professional skilled in Business Planning, Management, Trading, Risk Management, and Investment Management.

He started his career with the Nigeria Reinsurance Corporation, the foremost and largest Reinsurance Company in Nigeria in 1996, where he obtained a vast experience handling responsibilities in the Administration department. Thereafter he had a stint at the Corporate Research and Development Department, involved in maintaining/updating quantitative and qualitative economic, financial and statistical databases.

He later moved to Leadway Pensure PFA Ltd as a pioneer staff heading the Abuja Branch with the responsibility for planning, organizing and performing the sales function for the company, implementing sales policy and strategy, through effective and efficient utilization of available human material resources and opening frontiers. He was responsible for setting up branch offices in all the Northern Regions. He joined ARM Pension Managers in September 2006. After which in September 2010 he joined the first pioneer Islamic Financial Institution in Nigeria, Lotus Capital Halal Investment Ltd as an Asst. Vice President heading the Abuja Branch and the Northern Region.

He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, and a Masters in Business Administration from the Ahmadu Bello University Zaria. He also attended the famous Richelieu Dennis College of Insurance and Risk Management, Banjul, in Gambia. Founding Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Pharisina Investment Concepts Ltd. He comes with an experience of attention to details and perfection in accomplishing tasks.Dynamism and extreme passion for market creativity.

He is Currently the President/CEO of Swift Air Ambulance Services Ltd Involved in Medevac and Healthcare delivery. A man of astute personality and highly dependable. His sojourn in healthcare has led him into the International healthcare space creating Investments inflow into the country at large.A self-starter, honest and advocate of human capacity building.A career spanning 25 years Experience in management and policy formation.Dedicated to bringing trauma care to Nigeria through his medical aviation services.

Swift Air Ambulance 

Swift Air Ambulance was set up to provide professional, competent, compassionate patient care and transportation, with an endless dedication and commitment to safety and efficiency. Also to provide safe and reliable aero-medical transportation services to our clients at the most cost effective price while still focusing on delivering the highest quality family centered care and continuing quality improvement.

Medical Transport Services.

Swift Air caters for patients with significant medical problems such as cardiac, stroke, cancer, respiratory failure, sudden onset or chronic disease.

Aircraft Procurement and Configuration

Aircraft design is a compromise between many competing factors and constraints and accounts for existing designs and market requirements to produce the best aircraft as may be required by our clients. These depend on many factors such as customer and manufacturer demand, safety protocols, physical and economic constraints etc.

Swift Air  takes care of everything

“One Call Does It All.” You’ve heard this before. Well, believe it or not, that’s actually all you need with Swift Air Ambulance Services Ltd. Their goal is to take away the burden of organizing transportation of a loved one from you so that you may concentrate on their care instead. Your assigned flight coordinator, who will work with you every step of the way, will continually communicate all the details by whichever means you prefer: phone, fax, email, or text.

To get started, all the information we need is:

  • • The name of the sending and receiving facilities
  • • The date that you would like the transfer to take place
  • • Any insurance information available

Swift Air  team will contact the attending facility to obtain a complete medical report and patient history. Even if you don’t have a specific date or receiving bed, we can still start our process. Then, once those two final details are in place, we can accomplish the medical transfer as quickly as possible.

Swift Air Ambulance Services Ltd knows that patients, families, friends or colleagues may be responsible for arranging air medical transportation. Every patient and passenger travelling with Swift Air Ambulance Services Ltd knows from that first conversation with our Communications Centre to the hugs with our Flight Medical Team at the destination that our First and Foremost Responsibility is compassionate, complete medical care. We listen, think and then offer you our recommendations for comfortable, convenient and cost conscious air ambulance or airline medical escort transportation.

  • • air ambulance with a Flight Medical Team and all the equipment and supplies to care for the patient
  • • ground ambulance or car service to the airport
  • • if travelling as a patient on the airlines; a Flight Medical Team member, all airline ticketing and all airline clearances, wheelchair service throughout the airports
  • • medications and personal prescriptions
  • • ground ambulance or car service at the destination
  • • medical reports with the treating physicians and the destination facility
  • • telephone calls to family or friends and to the destination facility, keeping everyone up to the minute about the patient’s travel.

Other Services delivered by Swift Air include

  • Swift Air Ambulances Ltd
  • Swift Medical Tourism Consults Ltd
  • Swift Healthcare Clinic Consultants Ltd
  • Swift Diagnostic Services Ltd
  • Swift Ground Ambulance Services Ltd
  • Swift Air Aviation School Ltd

For your Medical Evacuation to any part of the world and Medical Referrals for second opinion consultations & Advance Medicare Please contact us on Customer Service lines :- 09078151205, 08073194938. Emergency Services 07037923404 One Call does it All.. @ Abuja, Nigeria.

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