A twitter user by the handle @miriamshehu has taken to the platform to expose the carefree, randy and lavish lifestyle of one of the sons of the NDDC boss by name Christopher Brambaifa.
The twitter user in a series of tweets stated that while President Buhari was selling poverty as a virtue, the son of the NDDC boss was living lavida loca, buying luxury cars and toys and living in expensive hotels paid by the NDDC’s purse after his father’s appointment.
The twitter user who sourced a childhood friend added that Christopher was actually the Defacto MD of NDDC. Christopher moves about with a police convoy, soldiers and occasionally with DSS agents.
Christopher has invested heavily in real estate barely 2 months after his father’s appointment. He has acquired several properties in elite areas in Port Harcourt and has even moved into one of his acquisitions.
Christopher Brambaifa funds his new lifestyle by demanding and collecting money in millions of dollars brazenly from NDDC contractors who have pending payments.
Christopher Brambaifa brazenly collects money in millions of Dollars from contractors who have pending payment. The Twitter user also stated that Christopher’s sheer naivety leads him into the folly of using his personal accounts and that of his numerous mistresses to receive those monies.