Uche Novia, a Nigerian artiste, has revealed how his son named Rocky, was hit by a stray bullet and this was only discovered 28 days later.In his post, he wrote;He carried a bullet in his hand for 28 days

I have a testimony:
Okay y’all must have seen me post one or two things about my boy, Rocky. The incident happened on the 7th of February, I just got back from work when I heard him scream so loud. I rushed out and saw him crying and holding his right hand. We all thought something had cut his hand maybe while he was playing with the cup he was using to drink water. We rushed him to a local Bone doctor close to the house. The man did his best to adjust the bone and asked us to wait till the wound heals then we can come to fix the bone properly. All these while we thought we were treating bone. Not until few days ago we decided to do a scan and we found out a stray bullet almost hit this boy somewhere else but instead of hitting somewhere else, it hit his hand. We just did a minor surgery yesterday and a bullet was taken out. It could only be God. God did this for us and we are forever grateful.
No matter how careful u think u are are if God does not have ur back, forget it!