A Nigerian lady has shared her testimony of how she survived an accident on Tuesday 17th December 2019 .

The lady identified as Wandoo Peter Or- Aondona on Facebook took out time to thank God for giving her another chance to live and to fulfill her purpose on earth.

Her post which has now gone viral on Facebook moved so many people to congratulate her…Read her testimony here .

On Sunday 15th of December, 2019 I mysteriously slipped and fell down at home.I was in pains and felt so uneasy in my spirit as I felt strongly that it was an omen for something that would happen.

On Monday 16th of December, 2019 I came to work limping and joined in the morning prayers at my place of work that holds every first day of the week.The sermon was on thanksgiving to God.I testified thanking God for protecting my family and I all through the year most especially as I frequently travel with my children and had not encountered any form of accident.I also told them to join me and thank God for my mum who survived a bad fall that had led to her being bedridden for months and I surviving a fall though with some pains.The gathering prayed for my family and I saying affliction shall not arise a second time.I remember one of us had asked that travellers be committed to prayers too.

Later in the day I was made to understand that some of my colleagues and I were nominated to attend a training workshop in Abuja which was to commence the next day Tuesday 17th of December,2019.We quickly arranged to take off that day but I was disturbed in my spirit so I suggested that we leave the morning of Tuesday 17th of December 2019 instead.

On Tuesday 17th of December 2019 we took off from Makurdi with me behind the wheel of my car.We were in a jolly mood and gisting all through the journey.All of a sudden at Angwan Mayo, I remember everything just went black as I lost control of my car and skidded off the road.I remember the car somersaulted and it landed on my side .All I uttered was “BLOOD OF JESUS” of which my colleague Dr Bem Mela who was sitting behind echoed same.I quickly unbuckled my seat belt ,stretched out my hand and opened the passenger door which had upturned and stepped out of the car.my colleagues were helped out by the villagers who came thinking that as usual they would pick up corpses.

According to the villagers, who called it an evil spot,they said we had strong spirits and that God was with us as it was a recurring decimal at that spot of the road for accidents to occur and most often than not ,people always died at that point.I looked at my car which they pushed back to a standing position and was amazed we came out alive.

I have come to this space to testify that God is alive!He is faithful and preserved the lives of my colleagues and I.What happened is nothing short of a miracle.Though evil exists,God is supreme.Alpha and Omega,I worship you and appreciate you for the love you have for me.Who am I that this God is so mindful of me?!!!Affliction will never arise a second time because the One I serve is on the throne.

Join me in appreciating GOD!