A wild celebration that followed the announcement of election results in Kogi state has led to a post-election violence that has claimed the life of one Mrs Acheju Abuh, a People’s Democratic Party (PDP) chieftain and women leader of the Wada/Aro PDP Governorship Campaign Council.

Abuh of Ochadamu Ward was reportedly burnt alive on Monday afternoon as some thugs believed to be supporters of All Progressives Congress (APC) locked her in, set fire to her house after spraying it with petrol.

In an orgy by the supporters and thugs, they combed the community looking for “opposition members’’ and descended on the woman for her role in the November 16 governorship poll.

In the melee, the jubilant APC supporters, who are mostly youths, were brandishing their arms and other dangerous weapons shooting sporadically into the air, “celebrating Gov. Yahaya Bello’s re-election’’.

Chanting “GYB 4+4”, the thugs arrived at Hon (Mrs) Abuh’s house at about 2pm, surrounded it and bolted every exit and escape routes from outside.

“They then poured petrol on the building and set it ablaze as other terrorized villagers watched from hiding helplessly,’’ a witness said.

As she attempted to escape through a window, she was prevented by burglar proof while gun shots were fired in her direction, he said.

“The blood-thirsty thugs waited, shooting and watching with relish while Mrs Abuh cried from inside the inferno until her voice was gone and the house left in ashes.’’