What is your take on this massive broom erected at the city gate in Abuja. Give the picture a caption lets see…
Nigerians have taken to the micro-blogging site, Twitter, to react to a giant broom erected at the city gate in Abuja.

Among those who reacted to the massive broom are some chieftains of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.
Below are their views:

.@ProfOsinbajo: Sir, Nigerians say we can’t point to a single project initiated, started and completed by our administration in the last 4 years.@MBuhari: Osunbade, ask them to go and see the big broom at Abuja City Gate.Retweet to #SweepOutBuharipic.twitter.com/8NxrqKaUjd— Reno Omokri (@renoomokri) 8 February 2019

They have erected a giant broom at Unity Park near Transcorps Hilton in the centre of Abuja and another one directly in front of the city gate.The broom is the symbol of the ruling APC and a symbol of witchcraft.They are invoking dark forces to stay in power but they will fail.— Femi Fani-Kayode (@realFFK) 8 February 2019

WORLD LARGEST BROOMAttention: @GWR This is the Largest Broom anybody or group has ever erecting anywhere in the world. This is work of some group of volunteers of @OfficialAPCNg. It deserves your recognition and honourLocation : Abuja Date : 02/07/19 pic.twitter.com/WhEIsT4fWf— magaji ishaku (@ishaku_magaji) 9 February 2019

Why are you people complaining because of this ordinary broom at City Gate?From tomorrow, helicopters will be flying all over Abuja and dropping brooms on everyone’s roof.We die here! pic.twitter.com/TGseuwJ94S— Parodisent General Buhari (@TheMbuhari) 8 February 2019

I hope @OfficialAPCNg is okay ? How do you erect your party emblem in front of a national monument like the Abuja city gate? PDP never tried this rubbish in all their 18 years in power. pic.twitter.com/6GpTFbXelF— Ramz (@ManLikeDavidd) 9 February 2019

Just 1 week to the general elections, the failed @OfficialAPCNg led federal government has erected a statute of a broom at the city gate in Abuja. This is shameful and ridiculous. It’s now clear that he whom the gods wants to destroy, they first make mad. Vote @atikupic.twitter.com/3hiVllrcWL— ibu thomas🇳🇬 (@Hailfinger1) 8 February 2019

Erecting the symbol of APC in front of the Abuja city gate to say the least is impunity taken too far. Is @OfficialAPCNglogo/symbol same as Nigeria’s symbol? @OfficialPDPNigspent 16 years at the centre but did not desecrate Nigeria’s identity and unity. pic.twitter.com/w23XVGT9qq— Jim™️ (@jimbiochore) 9 February 2019

ABUJA NEW MODERN CITY GATEPresident Mohammed Buhari greatest achievement for the past 3years is erecting a giant broom in AbujaThe APC has littered every part of Abuja with Buhari posters and Bill board, the pressure is so high @YemieFASHpic.twitter.com/kvdsttEDhg— Usman Okai Austin (@PDPNYF) 8 February 2019

If this broom was in Port Harcourt, a bonfire would be happening right about now.Abuja people are too chill abeg. pic.twitter.com/D75LTzIVM9— Brian Deji Adeyanju (@BrianJDennis) 8 February 2019