Oh what joy it is and brings, when you get to celebrate life, the birth of a new born. You find yourself smiling and finding joy in everything because you have tasted God in a new dimension.

Such was the smile on the face of Prophet Israel Oladele Ogundipe when he got to announce the birth of his daughter. So you could imagine the joyous expression he had on when he got to through a serene naming ceremony for the beautiful Princess on Tuesday, 26th November. The new addition to the Oladele Ogundipe family was celebrated in a calm, well attended church ceremony as part of the regular Tuesday service of the church.

Yes, a lot of people expected a lavish party, but this proud father, chose to listen to the voice of God. According to him, God had instructed that the naming ceremony should only be celebrated with all kinds of exotic fruits. The Unstoppable Genesis, as he is fondly called said, “I am very sensitive when God speaks with me and I will not allow any temptation to distract me from disobeying God. The Holy Spirit instructed me not to throw a lavish party that might call for the need to make arrangement of foods to entertain people as part of the celebration of the newborn child. That I should only feed people who have come to celebrate with us with fruits, so, that their lives shall be fruitful.” And so he obeyed without question.

Some deep thought on the revelation, made him acknowledge once again the incomparable grace from God he enjoys compared to others. Recognising also that the money that would have been used to through big party could be used to impact many lives. So he would prefer to divert the fund that would have been expended on a lavish party for the needy or the work of God. Even when people offered to sponsor, He still refused the offer.

The naming ceremony of baby Esther, Mercy, Omowonuola, Ajibike Ogundipe took place at Celestial church of Christ Genesis Global and was attended by clerics from various denominations, top government functionaries, captains of industry, celebrities, family and well-wishers.

Prophet Israel Oladele appreciated his wife for the bundle of joy, his mother, and every attendee.