Renowned Benue Humanitarian Ukan Kurugh was gifted a car today by the Managing Director of Slik Road Restaurant Abuja Mr Alex Addingi.This gesture according to Alex is to help Ukan carry out his duties. Excited over the gift, Ukan took to Facebook to share pictures of the gift , he also posted this message below.

The Painful Pleasure of My Humanitarian Efforts, the Long Wish and Mr. Addingi Alex to the Rescue

My 6 years of active humanitarian disposition have been an admixture of inexplicable experiences; largely due to the demands of the self-inclined job. Paddling through this course, the story has being one of sacrifice, pain, joy, hardship, self-pity, humiliation, laughter, scorn, tears e.t.c. Amidst these, though insignificant, my efforts, fueled and sustained by you all has created impressionable marks in the lives of the few we’ve touched.

If memory would avail me, I have suffered 9 accidents through this remarkable period. Most of them while hopping from bike to bike to see to the services of the needy especially the sick. This walk my friends has not been smooth but your constant encouragement and support has remained a strong fulcrum to push me through.

I have had quiet moments of prayerful and silent tears; asking God to make this work better for the glory of his name. Mobility took a second seat after the financial demands to see my patients through their pains. Lack of adequate mobility also restricted the unlimited jurisdiction I had wanted to assume in this work.

To wish is human and so I wished and committed to prayers. My wishes were backed up with the action of seeking at some quarters that support should be availed me in this regard. Fortunately or not, they failed me. But God is God and not man, I believed in the rightfulness of time; that help would come.

From an unsolicited source came an unanticipated call. Just like a dream, the prayer for mobility today became answered. Mr. Alex Addingi, the blessed hand that giveth. He did not hold back for any reason. Inclined by God to touch me positively and he did. He did not speak many words, he did not invite the media, he did not ring a bell about it. He simply handed me the keys to a well maintained, fully air-conditioned and completely registered Peugeot 406 car.

I cannot thank you enough sir, you are the rain to cool the sweat and the sun to dry my tears. May heaven’s gate upon up torrential blessings on you and your family, today and always.

My joy today knows no bounds, I have been fueled to reach the ends of the earth with the humanitarian campaign. I tell you guys, the work has just begun. Be ready, Ukan Kurugh Ukan is coming.