A cable thief was on Friday night electrocuted at Woihyev, Mbatierev Gboko local government. The vandal obviously got electrocuted while trying to steal cables from a transformer donated by Hon John Dyegh PhD. The Representative of the constituency.

According to Facebook user Isaac Pedro who shared the pictures from the scene of the incident, the man got electrocuted when he climbed the pole to disconnect the cables he said ,

“the man climbed an electricity pole to vandalize was electrocuted when there was an electricity spark in the night at the transformer”.

“The next thing was a sound of people running away from the scene. They didn’t bother to go there because the transformer was disconnected by JED”

“Early this morning, a woman who woke up to go in search of water started shouting for people to come out and see a dead man on electric poles”

We discovered at the scene that the criminals dug out the armoured cable and climbed up to disconnect from the National grid.

It’s in course of this that he met his untimely death.

On interrogation, the villagers said the victim is not known in their community.