Nigerians on social media platforms have begun to react after Chioma Avril Rowland, Davido’s fiancee, tested positive for COVID-19.

Davido had taken to his Twitter page on Friday evening to disclose that his wife-to-be has contracted the killer virus following their return from the United States.

“I came back recently from America after cancelling my tour. My fiancé Chioma also came back from London recently with our baby. We had no symptoms and still both feel perfectly fine,” he had written.

“But because of our recent travel history, we decided to take ourselves and our all close associates we’ve come in recent contact with for the COVID-19 test on the 25th of March.

“Unfortunately, my fiancé’s results came back positive while all 31 others tested have come back negative including our baby.”

The news has since dominated the conversation on social media platforms especially Twitter, where users have been registering their concerns.

Some users also offered prayers for her speedy recovery.

“We cover Chioma and Davido with the Blood of Jesus,” a Twitter user said.

“People have recovered from COVID19 infection. We should not treat it like a death sentence. I wish Chioma full recovery from this, and I’m happy that her baby tested negative. Don’t forget that ANYONE can get it. Protect yourself ALWAYS! If you can, STAY at home,” another user said.

Here is what some Nigerians had to say:

We cover Chioma and Davido with the Blood of Jesus…

— DANNY WALTER 👑 (@Danny_Walterr) March 27, 2020

Davido put out a Tweet saying his Fiancée Chioma is sick with Covid19 and some people are dropping Account details. Their brains must have been set to Auto-beg

— DREYLO. (@RealDreylo) March 27, 2020

People have recover from the COVID19 infection. We should not treat it like a death sentence.

I wish Chioma full recovery from this, and I’m happy that her baby tested negative.

Don’t forget that ANYONE can get it.

Protect yourself ALWAYS!

If you can, STAY at home!

— Aproko Doctor™ (@aproko_doctor) March 27, 2020

Chioma positive, Davido Negative, Their baby Negative, the rest of the crew, Negative.

Covid19 is the strangest virus in the history of mankind.

— Jack Robinson (@FeralJack_) March 27, 2020

I wish Chioma speedy recovery and good health for Davido we must celebrate Assurance 2020.

— Aros (@Damii_aros) March 27, 2020

But chill

Chioma confirmed positive, Davido negative, child negative (thank God)

But how come?

Truth be told we have alot to learn about this Virus transmission

Also Speedy recovery Chioma ♥️.

— 𝕬𝖑𝖍𝖆𝖏𝖎_𝕯𝖆𝖒𝖎♔ (@dukedammy) March 27, 2020

Dropping account number under davido’s tweet about Chioma having covid19 really do you just do that, I know we need money but kilode.. have sympathy Na

— Engineer Tolu Tezzy_ 💧 (@tolutezzy_) March 27, 2020

The Baby that Chioma’s baby handles everyday also negative. We have a lot to learn about transmission

— Ayobami (@dondekojo) March 27, 2020

Davido just confirmed that Chioma is positive for Coronavirus, a nursing mother fgs. Can this Disease stop already???

Stay Safe David and the rest of the family. Wishing her Quick Recovery as well. 🙏🏽

— Duke of Ibadan 🀄️ (@AsiwajuLerry) March 27, 2020

Davido and Chioma set a very good example by getting themselves tested. The virus has been detected early in Chioma and the prognosis will be definitely be better because they will not be taken unawares by any symptoms. I know celebrities who might have been exposed…..

— DR.PENKING™ (@drpenking) March 27, 2020

I’m not saying Davido is pulling a stunt o but if the baby that Chioma handles everyday doesn’t have the virus, Liverpool still have a chance of winning the champions league this season.

— Rex 🇪🇸 👑 (@Rextrovertt) March 27, 2020

David and chioma with the whole crew had no symptoms but they went to have a test for coronavirus…one might be carrying this virus and you won’t even know,that’s the scariest thing about it.

Everyone please maintain good hygiene,stay at home,We will surely overcome this 🙏🏽❤️

— CHIEf , THE DADDY™ 🦁👳 (@umar_ayotunde) March 27, 2020

Davido is negative,

Baby is negative

Chioma is positive

The whole team is negative

Who is breastfeeding the baby 🙄

The whole team went for an house party plus chioma

I’m lost here

— timi of lagos (@timi_of_lagos) March 27, 2020

Davido and 31 others tested Negative on coronavirus is Good news.

But Chioma conformed positive while her 6months Child tests Negative is Miraculous. God is wonderful 🙏💔

— Fred Diaries⚘ (@fred_diaries1) March 27, 2020

I saw those pictures last week where Davido and crew were turning up in a house party. The first thing that came to mind was “In this corona period”. Now look at the manifestation. God help Chioma o.

— Wale Adetona (@iSlimfit) March 27, 2020

Me that I’ve been saving for Assurance 2020 Asoebi. God please be with Chioma and Davido 🙏

— Aros (@Damii_aros) March 27, 2020

Davido’s Chioma is tested positive for Covid 19, This is disheartening , what is the assurance I don’t have or you don’t have too because some of us have not done test, please I think this is the right time for all of us to stay at home and isolate ourself for 14 days…

— Engineer Tolu Tezzy_ 💧 (@tolutezzy_) March 27, 2020

I feel Davido & his crew were irresponsible, he cancelled all his shows in USA, he knew what was going on. Only to come back to Lagos and be travelling everywhere. Chioma got back too and was everywhere with him. God help the poor people that came in contact with them.

— Mike Anthony DeWine (@makingcheddah) March 27, 2020