21 years old Maureen Msooter Terhemba is a student of English and Literary studies at Federal a University Lafia.She comes from Gboko Local government in Benue State.

After going through a rigorous process that included a picture casting and voting on Facebook, she got invited with other contestants and was selected to compete for the FACE OF FFF . After the selection, She was finally picked with others to compete at the finale which will take place In Gboko.Maureen was chosen based on elegance, poise, talent, intelligence and beauty.

During an interview conducted by Fabmimi Style , Maureen talked about herself and what makes her different other contestants.

What makes you different from the other contestants?

…What makes me different from the other Contestants..

No man is different in God’s sight. We are all same but in a way different.

I think I am different from the Contestants because I have my dreams and vision.The dreams can’t be theirs and my vision can’t be theirs too.

Why should you win this pageant? .

I deserve to win this crown because I am ready to accept and tolerate anyone.

Why do you want to win this pageant?

I will want to impact to the society especially the youth.Through my Humanitarian works and youth empowerment.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

.If I follow protocol then in the next 5 years I should be working after my school.But as a lady who has always dreamt big,I will want to go beyond just working after school.

What will you do if you win this title?

I want to own a big foundation far and wide and also touch millions of people through my humanitarian works.

Maureen loves dancing, singing and writing.She is also a poet.

Find her on Facebook HERE voting begins on December 5th 2019


Free Fish Festival (FFF) is organized to unite people across all boards. The convener Smith Akôm Takema started the Festival first by selecting few friends from his Facebook friends as invited guests for an event the aim of the event is to unite TIV people while the relax over fish harvested from his Fish Farm .

A beauty pageant for the Face of FFF is also conducted online where each voter is entitled to one vote and a specific time is given for votes to be collated while the contestant with the highest number of votes as determined by public votes is declared winner by the committee of the pageant. The winner goes home with a brand new car, while the runner up and second runner up are also given consolation prizes. The queen is usually crowned on the main event.